Organic Movement



Organic Movement is an Irish business selling organic cotton, ethically made yoga wear.

Where did it all begin?

Last year I travelled to India where I discovered my love of yoga. Once I returned home to Ireland, I watched ‘The True Cost Movie’, a Netflix documentary exposing the fashion and garment industry. The movie questions our approach to buying and consumerism, shows the difficulties and hardship endured by garment makers, factory workers, and cotton farmers, as well as asks us to consider who really pays the price of our clothing choices.

To say I shed a few tears when watching The True Cost Movie would be an understatement. Maybe it was [as cliché as it sounds] because I had just returned home from a three month life changing travelling experience. People say India opens your heart, and it certainly did for me. Although I had always been aware of the unethical supply chain and lack of sustainability in [most of] the retail industry, my curiosity and compassion grew instantly. Having witnessed a tiny percentage of what people go through daily in India, I literally became a conscious consumer overnight. Who made my clothes? Were they treated fairly? What effects environmentally is this having? Do I really need this?

I continued practicing yoga, my new found love. I didn’t want to wear synthetic clothing anymore. I educated myself on the negative impacts of polyester. I searched for organic and natural products that were made fairly and ethically. And before I knew it Organic Movement was born.

I hand select beautifully designed yoga wear that is ethically and sustainably produced in India and Bali.

You can find OM at markets and events, soon to be available online.